Reverse Osmosis Chemicals: Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

AWC's membrane cleaning chemicals are highly effective for removing even the most stubborn scales and foulants from RO/NF membranes. Our membrane cleaning chemicals are formulated for all types of RO membrane systems, ranging from those used in Food and Beverage applications to Water Reuse applications. The outcome of a membrane cleaning is equally dependent on procedure as it is on the quality of the cleaning chemical. However, an optimal procedure isn’t always possible to implement due to limitations in the design of the Clean-In-Place (CIP) system.  AWC can provide recommendations on CIP system design, and can provide training on best practices and procedures to enhance RO membrane cleaning results and to reduce frequency of CIP’s.  Additionally, we offer cleaning studies that allow us to identify the optimal temperature, pH and cleaning time for the membrane foulant in your specific system. High pH and low pH chemicals are available in both liquid and powder form. All of AWC's cleaning chemicals are NSF approved for use in potable membrane systems.



Organic / Biofilm & Colloidal

Carbonate / Phosphate & Metal Oxide