As the increasing demand for long-lasting, battery-powered devices drives the need for lithium mining, you will be excited to learn that the lithium ion has been added to AWC’s Proton® software for lithium mining membrane applications.   

Proton® is AWC’s all-in-one software that incorporates membrane antiscalant, system design, and post-treatment projections for the optimal performance of membrane systems. It is the first of its kind to incorporate lithium into a membrane antiscalant projection software and with this update, Proton® now accounts for: 

  • The impact of lithium on osmotic pressure 
  • Lithium’s Contribution to ionic strength  
  • Salt passage of the lithium ion under variable conditions 
  • Indirect impacts of lithium ion concentration on mineral scale formation in brine concentrator systems 

This will allow users to maximize NF/RO recovery and significantly reduce the cost of pretreatment and evaporation/crystallization processes. AWC® strives to stay at the forefront of innovation and will continue to provide solutions for membrane treatment applications.