Laboratory Services

AWC® has the capability to conduct water analyses and membrane antiscalant projections for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration systems. AWC® can also conduct chemical dosage determinations for our antiscalants, coagulants, and flocculants. With our laboratory services, clients with extreme scaling or inorganic fouling conditions, AWC® can synthesize identical water chemistries in the lab to determine optimal pretreatment and control limits.

Materials Characterization

Our material characterization lab can analyse any unknown deposit found throughout your water treatment process.  Using our advanced analytical equipment, we can identify deposits on everything from SDI pads and cartridge filters to degasifier and scrubber media.  AWC is one of the only companies that will categorize the deposits as opposed to simply providing a list of elements and their percentages.

Water Analysis

We perform all water analyses at our facility using state-of-the-art Inductively Coupled Plasmas (ICP), Ion-Chromatography (IC), and Spectrophotometry equipment.  Our water analysis includes all inorganic scale forming salts as well as contaminants that are targets for removal by RO.  Sampling at multiple points allows us to perform a mass balance to ensure that your flow meters are in calibration and that you are operating at the correct recovery.