Membrane Cleaning Studies

AWC can perform cleaning studies to identify the best cleaning protocol and most effective cleaning chemicals for a particular fouling situation.

Proton® Antiscalant Software

Our Proton® Aqueous Membrane Chemistry Calculator is the world’s most powerful antiscalant projection software. Proton can be used to design a new RO/NF system, performs a complete suite of hydraulics calculations, and accounts for tail element concentration polarization in its scaling calculations. The software accounts for ion activity and for over 130 ion complexes making it the most accurate projection software in the industry. It is the only membrane software to calculate the saturation and precipitation potentials for over 50 scales at the entire operating pH range of 1 – 11. Proton also projects water quality, and reliably predicts rejection of contaminants such as boron, arsenic and bromide.

Filtration System Monitoring & Optimization

The AWC System Monitoring and Optimization Solution has been developed for Long-Term and Short-Term Monitoring and Performance Optimization for RO/MF/NF/UF Membrane Filtration systems. We can provide a strategy for formulating appropriate long-term monitoring programs that can be implemented at lower costs for maximum production efficiency. AWC uses scientific and statistical methods applied to site-specific data that accounts for relevant current and historical site data to develop an optimization plan for the current system and the best possible solution.

AWC can also help clients in start-up of new systems and will perform system normalization of data provided by the client to ensure that their membrane system continues to operate with optimal permeate production and minimal power consumption.

Pilot Studies

AWC is able to conduct pilot studies using state of the art pilot R.O. units designed to simulate actual site conditions. These pilot plants are mobile and can be dispatched to the customer’s plant site on short notice. Through these studies, our engineers are able to recommend effective solutions to persistent scaling and fouling problems resulting in a trouble-free operation and reduced operating cost for the customer.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning (Off-Site)

For industrial facilities that do not have clean-in-place (CIP) systems, AWC can perform multiple membrane element cleanings in our facility to ensure stringent cleaning procedures and to optimize results.

On-site Membrane Cleaning

AWC can provide personal and portable cleaning equipment for membrane cleanings at customers’ sites. AWC can also train customer’s personnel on the operational and cleaning processes of RO plants.

Membrane Autopsy

AWC is the only membrane specialty chemicals company that performs all its analytical services in-house. We invite customers who are interested to witness the various parts of the autopsy process, including electron microscopy with x-ray spectroscopy and elemental mapping (SEM/EDS/PED/SEI), FTIR, Raman, and other state-of-the-art analytical testing. Owning our equipment allows us to be more thorough, testing samples along the entire length of a membrane, and analyzing the membrane surface after a cleaning study to search for mechanical damage that would not be detectable when covered by foulants. Our autopsy reports are widely reputed to be the most thorough in the industry

Laboratory Services

AWC has the capability to conduct water analyses and membrane antiscalant projections for Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration systems. AWC can also conduct chemical dosage determinations for our antiscalants, coagulants, and flocculants. For clients with extreme scaling or inorganic fouling conditions, AWC can synthesize identical water chemistries in the lab to determine optimal pretreatment and control limits.