Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Chemicals & Nanofiltration: Pretreatment

Multimedia Filtration (MMF) is often used upstream of RO/NF to remove suspended solids that can cause plugging of membrane feed channels and damage the membrane surface.  However, MMF media is only efficient at removing particles larger than 20 – 50 microns.   AWC has developed a line of membrane compatible organic and inorganic coagulants that agglomerate smaller silts, clays and colloids into larger clusters that are more efficiently filterable.  All polymers have been tested extensively to ensure safe use with RO/NF membranes even in case of slight overdosing.


  • AWC® CP-200
    Flocculant/coagulant blend for turbidity & color reduction. Designed for use upstream of RO membranes.
  • AWC® CP-300
    RO membrane compatible cationic flocculant for turbidity reduction upstream of the membrane system. Aids in removal of aluminum carryover.