Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning (Off-Site)

Some smaller membrane plants that use reverse osmosis membrane cleaning chemicals do not have Clean-In- Place (CIP) systems, while others are averse to handling chemicals, are unable to achieve an efficient membrane cleaning due to equipment limitations, or are limited by local discharge restrictions. In such cases, fouled membranes are replaced by a spare set and sent to an off-site facility for cleaning.

AWC® has the ability to perform off-site reverse osmosis membrane cleaning at our facility in Plant City, FL. We use very stringent membrane cleaning procedures, and perform membrane chemical testing before and after cleaning. All membranes are then preserved in an NSF approved bacteriostatic solution and vacuum sealed to ensure a long shelf life. A report is provided to the customer showing the extent of improved performance due to the reverse osmosis membrane cleaning.

  • All testing performed according to membrane manufacturer test conditions.
  • Membranes are tested and compared to manufacturer specifications before and after cleaning.
  • Cleaning chemicals are selected based on suspected foulants or autopsy results where available.
  • Stringent procedures are followed to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Cleanings are repeated until satisfactory results are obtained.
  • Membranes are preserved and vacuum sealed to prevent biological growth during storage.
  • A report comparing flux and salt rejection before and after cleaning is provided.