Reverse Osmosis (RO) Antiscalants: Phosphate Scaling-High Saturation

Phosphate Scaling-High Saturation

  • AWC® A-104
    Phosphorous-free membrane antiscalant with broad inhibition capabilities; highly effective for inhibition of sulfate and phosphate scales.
  • AWC® A-105
    Broad spectrum Reverse Osmosis antiscalant designed for use with municipal water reuse membrane systems.
  • AWC® A-110
    Premium RO Membrane antiscalant that exhibits excellent control of phosphate scale formation even in the presence of ferric coagulant carryover. Highly effective for control of aluminum silicate scales.
  • AWC® A-112
    Premium Phosphorous-free RO antiscalant with broad spectrum capabilities. Effective for inhibition of sulfate and phosphate scales at very high saturation potentials. Good tolerance to ferric coagulant carryover.