AMTA Best Paper Award

AWC® is proud to announce that our CEO and Technical Director, Mo Malki, won the AMTA Best Paper Award at the MTC 2017 conference in Long Beach, California.
The paper, titled “A Novel Calcium Carbonate Scaling Model for Calculating Maximum Recovery and Inhibitor Dosages in Industrial RO Applications” described three indices developed by American Water Chemicals. The first index is a saturation index, named the Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Index (CCNI), accounts for ion complexes and ionic activity in addition to temperature and pH. The second index, the Antiscalant Precipitation Index (API), calculates the limitations of RO Antiscalants due to their interaction with calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity at any given pH. Based on our research, the limitations of antiscalants are often the reason for scale formation in reverse osmosis systems, sometimes even at low calcium carbonate saturation. By determining a method to predict such failures, our Proton® software can accurately predict maximum recovery in NF/RO systems. The final index determines the required antiscalant dosage for CaCO3 control by correlating it to the rate of crystal nucleation. AWC’s extensive research has found that there is absolutely no correlation between RO antiscalant dosages and LSI or CCPP. However, it was found that there was a very strong correlation between dosage and the rate of nucleation. By combining these three indices, the Proton® software can reliably predict maximum recovery and optimal dosages in reverse osmosis systems.

For more information about Proton® and these three novel indices, please follow this link.