Colloidal silica dispersant for use with industrial and municipal RO membrane systems. Prevents formed colloidal silica particles from coalescing and depositing on the membrane surface.


  • Highly effective in inhibiting formed colloidal silica particles from coalescing and depositing on RO membrane surface
  • Disperses organic and inorganic colloidal particles to inhibit surface deposition
  • Phosphorous-free, and designed for use where discharge of RO brine into the environment is a concern

Typical Properties

  • Appearance: Off-White Powder
  • Stability: Excellent
  • Solubility in water: Soluble


  • 110 lb. Fiber Drums

Safety and Handling

In accordance with good safety practice, handle with care and avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling. For more inormation, see the Safety Data Sheet provided with this product.

Chemical Feeding and Control

Ultratek Si should be injected continuously into the RO feedwater line, always downstream of multimedia filters, and preferably downstream of the cartridge filters in the presence of a static mixer. In the absence of a static mixer, dosing upstream of the cartridge filters will serve as a substitute to improve mixing.
The dosage required to inhibit scale formation will typically be in the range of 1- 5 ppm, depending on feed water quality and system operating parameters. Dosage can be determined using Proton® membrane antiscalant projection software, or can be provided by an AWC technical representative.
Ultratek Si is designed to be fed neat. However, if the minimum output of the dosing pump exceeds the required dosage, then dilution will be necessary. For product dilution, always use water that is free of any detectable hardness – deionized water or RO permeate are preferred due to their higher purity, but softened water is also acceptable.
This product contains a preservative to prevent biological growth in the feed tank. Dilution in excess of 10X will impact the potency of the preservative. If dilution beyond 10X is unavoidable, it is recommended to replace the diluted product frequently, preferably every 7 – 10 days.