Water Technologies Mexico

American Water Chemicals® (AWC) joined Water Technologies de Mexico at the Expo Pack conference in Guadalajara Mexico June 13 – 15.  We at AWC are proud to support our partners to share our ongoing research in using our RO antiscalants, membrane cleaners, and our groundbreaking laboratory techniques to solve complex problems.  As we develop new knowledge of scaling chemistry and scale inhibitors we continue to share our experience with clients around the globe.  Attending this conference were approximately 15,000 professionals involved in packaging and processing from industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics & personal care, graphic arts, chemical, household chemicals, textile, footwear, automotive, hardware, furniture and electronics.



AWC’s PROTON® Man continues to evolve as he tackles increasingly complex systems design, water constituents, and previously not so understood precipitation mechanisms.  We urge you to continue to utilize PROTON® as he grows in depth of knowledge our clients will gain from his experience.