American Water Chemicals®(AWC) attended the IDA World Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 15 – 20 October 2017.   In addition to being an exhibitor at the conference we were honored to present two papers.  The first presentation was about using our membrane autopsy service as an investigative tool for system optimization and to provide more effective membrane cleaning procedures. With the second presentation we shared two ground-breaking precipitation indices developed by AWC: Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Index (CCNI) and Antiscalant Precipitation Index (API).  CCNI was developed to predict scaling potential in membrane systems that more accurately predicts spontaneous nucleation and maximum system recovery.  API predicts the failure point for antiscalants which can precipitate as calcium or magnesium salts.  We determined that in many cases, antiscalant tolerances will limit recovery even when all scaling indices were within acceptable limits.

In addition to the trade exhibition we were pleased to be able to spend time with clients, distributors and friends from around the globe. We met with partners from Australia, Argentina, Israel, Chile, Spain, and more.  We look forward to seeing them all in the very near future.

We at AWC are pleased to support our partners to share our ongoing research in using our RO antiscalants, membrane cleaners, and our innovative laboratory techniques to identify and solve complex problems.  As we develop new knowledge of scaling chemistry and scale inhibitors we intend to share our experience with clients around the globe at trade conferences and through individual presentations.  Look for us at upcoming events.