Reverse Osmosis (RO) Antiscalants: Carbonate Scaling - High Saturation

Carbonate Scaling - High Saturation

  • AWC® A-107
    Broad spectrum Reverse Osmosis antiscalant with tolerance to low concentrations of ferric coagulant carryover.
  • AWC® A-108
    Membrane antiscalant designed for inhibition of calcium carbonate scaling up to CCNI of 2.3. Tolerant to ferric coagulant carryover; Highly effective in water reuse membrane applications.
  • AWC® A-109
    Reverse osmosis antiscalant that maintains its inhibition properties even in feedwater with very high alkalinity; High resistance to calcium-antiscalant precipitation formation. For use with CCNI up to 2.3.
  • AWC® A-110
    Premium RO Membrane antiscalant that exhibits excellent control of phosphate scale formation even in the presence of ferric coagulant carryover. Highly effective for control of aluminum silicate scales.