Flux LMH (Liter/m2/h)
Flux GFD (Gallons/ft2/day)

Flux rate is a very important parameter to consider in reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration system design.  The flux rate can impact organic, biological and colloidal fouling of RO membranes, as these foulants are driven into the membrane surface.  Flux rate also impacts salt rejection, which in turn impacts concentration factors and thereby RO scaling potential.  Concentration polarization, which can increase scale formation potential in the last elements of the RO system, is also a function of flux rate among other parameters.  RO antiscalant dosages will therefore be impacted by the flux rate, and a good membrane antiscalant projection software will consider for flux when predicting dosage rates.

This calculator converts between metric and US standard flux rate units.  If you enter a value into the LMH field, the GFD field will automatically populate with the calculated result, and vice versa.