Advanced Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant:


Water is the most important natural gift for human being and aquatic life. Due to continuous technological growth and industrialization, the water has been fully polluted and categorized as water pollution. The outlet water of industries and human which accedes the limit of organic and inorganic components in the water is called wastewater (polluted water).

Sources of Waste Water:


Characteristics of Waste Water:

Physical Characteristics
Chemical Characteristics
Biological Characteristics

Impurities in Waste Water:

Suspended Impurities
Dissolved Impurities
Colloidal Impurities

Some of them appear in dissolved form, some of suspended form and some of colloidal form. To maintain the quality of water, its need the treatment of wastewater. The basic treatments of wastewater are:

Preliminary Treatment
Primary Treatment
Secondary treatment
Advanced treatment.

Advanced Treatment:

Advanced Treatment of Wastewater Plant is define as the additional treatment needed to remove suspended, colloidal and dissolved impurities remaining after conventional secondary treatment Dissolved constituents may range from relatively simple inorganic components, such as sand, clay, calcium, potassium, sulphate, nitrate, and phosphate. There are many technology adapting in advanced areatment like- Media filtration, Membrane filtration (RO, VSEP, MBR, Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, Nano filtration), Ion exchange, DM, OS, Distillation, MEE, CAACO, Carbon adsorption, Advanced oxidation, etc. The typical flow diagrams of advanced treatments as follows:

Some Examples of Advanced Treatment:

Membrane Filtration:

Activated Carbon Oxidation (CAACO)


In the CAACO system the wastewater is distributed through the special distribution system in the reactor.
The organics contained in the wastewater when flows down the reactor through the specially developed silica based media, the immobilized microorganisms perform biological degradation of the organics & the media performs catalytic oxidation at the same time.
An interesting feature of the system is that even after continuous operation for 6 months no clogging of the reactor has been recorded. The media matrix has demonstrated a marked increase in its performance of oxidation of organics expressed as COD, BOD in wastewater discharge from industries.

The media is held between the strainer plates. A blower is provided in the space between the CAACO media & the sand gravel media to provide air the microorganisms.




Wastewater enters the top of a reactor vessel packed with media, where it is aerated by an air-lift venturi or diffuser system.
Once acclimated, the microbes are highly resistant to shock caused by shock changes in COD/BOD loading or exposure to toxins.
Operating costs for CAACO SYSTEM are low. The system provides very efficient oxygen transfer to the water, minimizing the airflow required. The inherent simplicity of the design minimizes maintenance requirements.

Sludge is not generated: eliminating requirement for secondary clarification.

CAACO SYSTEM can be adapted for use with specially developed microbial populations, including for nitrogen and phosphorous removal.


Now days the advanced water and wastewater treatment process are adapting mostly for recycle, reuse, maintain zero discharge, irrigation, municipal (seaways treatment), all processing industries (Textiles, Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Ternaries, Dairies, Distilleries, Thermal, and other chemical processing industries), we have given some example of advanced Treatment.
AES ARABIA LTD systems are an advanced evolution of the latest advanced treatment methods described in flow diagram.