AWC® Wins Best Paper Award at AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference 2017

AWC® is proud to announce that our CEO and Technical Director, Mo Malki, won the AMTA Best Paper Award at the MTC 2017 conference in Long Beach, California. The paper, titled “A Novel Calcium Carbonate Scaling Model for Calculating Maximum Recovery and Inhibitor Dosages in Industrial RO Applications” described three indices developed by American Water

AWC® Brings Ultrafiltration System at the Cincinnati Zoo to Optimal Performance

Ultrafiltration System Optimized at Cincinnati Zoo The Cincinnati Zoo uses an ultrafiltration system (UF) to treat storm water. The reclaimed water is collected from fourteen acres of the park, including parking lots, animal exhibit yards, rooftop drains and walking-path storm drains. These combined sources run through a straining basin to a 300,000-gallon retention tank system.