American Water Chemicals® at Aquatech Mexico 2018 in Mexico City

American Water Chemicals, along with others from around the world, attended Mexico’s largest event to learn more and further discuss the technology and future of the water industry. #AQUATECHMX We look forward to furthering our technology and continuing to enable our customers with the ability to meet their increasing water production demands.           

Proton compares closed-circuit versus conventional RO

Proton anti-scaling software from Amercian Water Chemicals was first introduced at the AMTA Conference in 2014. The platform’s innovative approach to modelling membrane treatment systems which, unlike other anti-scalant predictors, accounts for ion complexes and ion activity in water, and differentiates between nano-filtration and reverse osmosis membranes, enabled it to improve on the accuracy of

OC Agencies Set GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title For Most Wastewater Recycled Into Drinking Water In 24 Hours

AWC® would like to congratulate the Orange County Water District (OCWD) on achieving the Guinness World Record™ title for the Most wastewater recycled to drinking water in 24 hours. The use of an effective RO antiscalant is essential to maximizing productivity, and OCWD is using the best reverse osmosis chemicals available for their feed water