We are immediately seeking a full-time lab technician to join our team of professionals in Tampa, Florida. All applicants must have an A.S. in Chemistry, and a minimum of 2 years wet chemistry experience in a professional setting.

MUST have a chemistry degree. Please do not apply if your only lab experience is related to blood-work laboratories - that is irrelevant experience for this position. We are looking for people who can perform chemistry related calculations and have experience in performing chemical experiments and chemical analyses.


About AWC
Membranes Treat Water. We Treat Membranes.

American Water Chemicals is an industry leader in membrane treatment chemicals and technical services. With over 30 years of proven membrane solutions, our unique understanding of water chemistry has earned us a worldwide reputation for resolving complex operational issues and improving membrane treatment processes.

Our dedicated group of R&D scientists is continuously developing solutions for new challenging membrane applications. In fact, we were the first to resolve the scaling issues at the world’s largest water reuse RO facility in Orange County, CA through meticulous review of their operating data and extensive lab simulations.

Our membrane experts can tackle complex scale formation, or seemingly irreversible membrane fouling. We have helped our customers around the world to reduce their operating costs, increase system recovery, eliminate hazardous acid dosing, and reduce the frequency of membrane cleanings.

In 2023, AWC expanded its operation by launching a European Division, strengthening our global footprint and presence. AWC continues to grow and expand to new markets and is seeking professionals who would like to join our mission to achieve the highest performance of membrane systems

Job Duties

  • Sample preparation
  • Wet chemistry
  • Optical and electron microscopy
  • Elemental and IR analysis for identification of deposits
  • Accurate record keeping of data
  • Assistance in preparing reports


  • Ability to calibrate and operate laboratory equipment
  • Good math skills and ability to perform basic calculations
  • Good writing skills and grammar
  • Computer literate with good knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, and Adobe Acrobat


  • Associates or Bachelor degree in chemistry (Candidates without chemistry degrees need not apply)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • All applicants will be required to undergo an in-lab evaluation at our facility in Plant City, FL.
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