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AWC manufactures membrane antiscalants, antifoulants, and cleaning chemicals for reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF) membrane systems.  AWC also offers a broad range of analytical services including membrane wet testingmembrane cleaning studies,and membrane autopsies.  Having pioneered the use of elemental imaging for membrane autopsies, AWC uses its advanced SEITM technique to provide meticulous reports that identify the exact nature of a scalant or foulant.

AWC was created in 1993 as a subsidiary of a water treatment equipment manufacturer (OEM) in response to its operations engineers’ demands for more reliable  RO chemicals.  They required RO antiscalants that were more resistant to biological fouling and had a better tolerance to iron.  More effective membrane cleaning chemicals were needed to restore membrane performance during the warranty period.  In just a few years, AWC developed into an independent operation that provided membrane chemicals and autopsy services  to  water treatment plants around the world.  AWC separated from the OEM in 2005, and is no longer affiliated with any equipment manufacturers.

AWC is very unique among its competitors in that it dedicates significant resources to understanding complex scaling phenomena through research and development.  In the past years, multiple papers have been presented at conferences  and accepted for publication by scientific journals.    Topics of research have included phosphate scaling, aluminosilicate scaling, ferrosilicate scaling, membrane susceptibility to biofouling, corrosion control in permeate distribution lines, and the development of more reliable scaling indices.

For over 20 years, American Water Chemicals has provided the membrane community with RO chemicals that lower operating costs, eliminate hazardous acid dosing and reduce the frequency of membrane cleanings.   In the past decade, AWC has created potable water corrosion inhibitors designed specifically for use with RO permeate, and a new line of NSF approved MF/UF cleaning chemicals.  The most recent products to be released are potable water antiscalants  that are NSF approved for inhibiting  scale in MF/UF systems, and for condition sludge in lime softening plants.

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Client Testimonials

"American Water Chemicals has provided a quality product at a great price. In addition, they have provided excellent service and have always delivered the product as promised on time."

Andy Fenske, Chief Water Plant Manager, City of Cape Coral

"AWC's cleaning chemicals have performed outstandingly in cleaning our ceramic microfilters and RO membranes at various industrial wastewater recycling facilities throughout the US and around the world. Although we have tested numerous other chemicals under many different conditions, we have not found any products that perform as effectively as AWC's cleaners."

GVG, OEM for Industrial Wastewater Recycling Systems

"Since the start-up of this plant in 2003, we have experienced biofouling issues that required us to clean every 28 days. However, since we started using the AWC A-102 Plus, we have been able to extend the frequency between the cleaning of membranes from 28 days to 20 weeks."

Greg Turman, City of Clearwater Production Coordinator

"The use of sulfuric acid is eliminated, resulting in a great increase in plant safety. Our cleaning interval has gone from 6 months to over a year. We had much more fouling on acid."

L.T. Moore, Operator IV, Lead, Village of Royal Palm
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Superimposed Elemental Imaging (SEI™) is a microscopic spectrum based analysis with corresponding layered images showing the composition of specific inorganic particles.