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Validation of a method for modelling brine and permeate pH in RO and NF systems

A reliable method for predicting concentrate and permeate pH values is essential for accurately predicting operation and maintenance (O&M) costs i..

The perils of using chloramines for pretreatment of water reuse RO

The use of chloramines has become a standard pretreatment method for biofouling control in water reuse RO. When used in the 2 – 3 ppm range, chl..

Validation of an Arsenic Rejection Computer Model for RO/NF Membranes

Arsenic contamination in groundwater supplies has long been a problem, and membrane technology is among the efficient methods for its removal for prov..

A Novel Calcium Carbonate Scaling Model For Maximum Recovery And Inhibitor Dosages In Membrane Systems

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is the most frequently encountered scale in industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems. The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) ha..

The Impact of Ferrous Ion Oxidation on Silica Scaling in RO Systems

A 6 MGD reverse osmosis plant in South Texas that was using chlorine to oxidize arsenic for improved membrane rejection was experiencing severe membra..

Controlling Aluminum Silicate Formation in Membrane Separation Processes

Silica scaling is very common in reverse osmosis systems that operate at high recoveries. Whenever silica fouling/scaling occurs, autopsy results almo..

An Evaluation of Corrosion Control Additives for Potable RO Permeate

Corrosion inhibitors are frequently used as post-treatment chemicals for potable RO plants around the country, but few are actually effective. In many..

A Relationship Between Phosphate Scales and Silica Fouling in WasteWater RO Membrane Systems

Precipitation of calcium phosphate scale on RO membranes continues to be a major challenge for wastewater recycling facilities. In most cases, antisca..

Excessive Sulfuric Acid Dosing Resulting in Irreversible Scale Formation

Many consultants in the RO water treatment industry recommend sulfuric acid dosing into the feed water as a safety measure. This case study reviews a ..

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